100 organizaciones internacionales piden no se capturen delfines para el cautiverio en Panamá

Representantes de más de 100 organizaciones internacionales solicitan en una carta al Presidente de Panamá, Martín Torrijos, detener la aprobación de capturas de delfines en Panamá. Algunos de estos vienen a Panamá a solicitarle audiencia al Presidente Martín Torrijos, tal y como lo hicieron sin éxito para lograrlo, las activistas y científicas Alexandra Cousteau y Naomi Rose.

Una activista ambiental panameño le recomienda al Presidente Torrijos que para tomar las mejores decisiones hay que escuchar los argumentos de ambos lados y que no deje que sus asesores dañen su imagen y la de nuestro país por cerrar las vías de la comunicación en este delicado tema.

La carta de organizaciones internacionales es del tenor siguiente:

His Excellency Martin Torrijos
President of Panama
Palacio Presidencial, San Felipe
Valija 50
Panama 1, Panama

March 15, 2007

URGENT: Capturing Dolphins in Panama

Your Excellency,

We the undersigned represent 100 international organizations comprising 15 million members, including leading members of the financial and entertainment industries. With one unified voice,
we urge you to deny the request from the organization which calls itself «Ocean Embassy» to capture dolphins in Panama.

These same businessmen who are requesting a permit from your government to capture your dolphins are not allowed to capture dolphins in their own country. This is the reason they are attempting to set up a captive dolphin brokerage business in Panama.

A recent poll shows that the vast majority of your citizens do not want to see these violent captures take place. By denying the capture permit, you will be sending a powerful message to the rest of the world — a clear message of Panama’s respect for nobility and decency.

People around the world associate Panama with pristine beauty, a unique country with greater diversity of wildlife than any country in Central America. Your 14 national parks, 10 wildlife refuges, vast forest reserves and extraordinary coral reef are the envy of most countries. Allowing these deadly dolphin captures to take place in your waters will severely cripple Panama’s image as a country which respects and protects its wildlife.

In attracting tourists, film companies and financial organizations, every country’s greatest resource is its reputation.

Standing up against cruelty on this high profile issue will greatly benefit your people and the Panamanian economy for many, many years to come.

Respectfully yours,

Ben White Legacy – International
Animal Welfare Institute – USA
Earth Island Institute – International
Elsa Nature Conservancy – Japan
In Defense of Animals- USA
Humane Society International (HSI) –
Wealth Effect Media – USA
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society – International
Diana Thater Studios – USA
Dolphin Project – International
Don Inc. Production Company – USA
SODOPREC – Dominican Republic
World Society for the Protection of Animals
(WSPA) – International
Cetacean Society International – International
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
(PETA) – International
Kind to Animals Foundation – USA
Shark Research Institute – USA
Onder and Madeline Bolbol Foundation – USA
International Wildlife Coalition – International
Friends of the Dolphins – Canada
Periodista International – Japan
Earth Trust – USA
Greenpeace Hawaii – USA
Animal Rights Alliance – Sweden
reEarth – Bahamas Islands
Advocates for Animal Rights – Bahamas Islands
Zoocheck – Canada
The Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition – USA
Last Chance for Animals – USA
Pacific Orca Society – Canada
OrcaLab – Canada
Captive Dolphin Awareness Foundation – USA
North Coast Cetacean Society – Canada
International Primate Protection League – USA
Whale Rescue Team – USA
Lifeforce Foundation – Canada
ARCAS – Guatemala
Animals Asia Foundation – China
Cetacea Defence – UK
Bret Carr Pictures – USA
Louniversal Releasing Films – USA
Surreel Pictures – USA
Pro Wildlife – Germany
The Reef Ball Foundation – USA
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society – UK
EDEV – Holland
The Marine Connection – UK
Society for the Conservation of Marine Mammals – Germany
Born Free Foundation – UK
Nomades des Océans – France
Andhra Pradesh State Animal Welfare Board – India
Citizens Environmental Advocacy Centre – New Zealand
One Voice – France
Ocean Care – Switzerland
World Whale Police – USA
The Blue Cross – India
Voice for Animals Humane Society – Canada
The Reef Beach Company – USA
Reef Ball Mangrove Solutions – USA
Coastal Reef Builders – USA
Green Marines International – USA
Shark International – USA
NY Whale and Dolphin Action League – USA
Grupo de los Cien Internacional – Mexico
Rattle the Cage Productions – USA
Orca Network – USA
Animal Protection Institute – USA
Fundación Altarriba – Spain
Society for Dolphin Conservation – Germany
Coalition for No Whales in Captivity – Canada
Canadian Marine Environment Protection Society – Canada
Animal Welfare Board of India – India
Conservacion de Mamiferos Marinos – Mexico

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