Save Charco La Pava and their peoples

A nuestra mesa de redacción ha llegado un correo desde Estados Unidos, que por la fuerza de su mensaje y la entrega por las causas justas en un paradigma de sociedad responsable ambiental y socialmente, reproducimos integralmente dicho correo:

On Thursday I leave for Panama on a ten day fact finding and international monitoring mission to help out the community where I lived which is being threatened by a hydroelectric dam.  It is one of three being constructed by an American based company, AES.  I started a blog so people could learn/stay informed about what’s happening and I hope to add photos soon. You can find that here:

I have also posted video in Spanish shot by Lucia Lasso featuring members of the community of Charco La Pava after they were arrested during a protest.  Charco is slated to be flooded by the dam.

I posted a short piece of the above video with English subtitles featuring the inspirational Ana Castillo talking about why she is protesting.  That can be found here:

The subtitles are quick. I apologize, but it’s been a little hectic at Dawn HQ lately. 


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