Panama vende sus islas al mejor postor (inglés)

Islands of the Month: Panama

The market in Panama is hot, hot, hot… Panama has quite a few archipelagos for island lovers and investors to choose from. Isla Quiros sits in the famed Perlas Archipelago on the Pacific side of Panama. This little pearl offers the perfect opportunity for a private retreat. If you like your islands already developed, Cabra Island on the Caribbean Sea could function as a large personal estate or a modest turnkey resort. This month we’re also offering the chance to buy your own archipelago of three islands; Mamay, Sordo and Paulina Island are offered as a package deal for the island lover who likes to buy in bulk.

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Dear Island Enthusiasts,

Investing in Panamanian real estate offers advantages for expats, retirees and developers alike. Panama provides an amazing lifestyle for half the cost of living in the United States. The infrastructure, amenities and remarkable beauty of Panama are the reasons why Panama is the new ‘it’ country. Whether you’re considering full or part time private island living, Panama’s islands still represent great investment potential and a unique lifestyle all year round. Visit our Panama section to see what’s on offer. Until next time, Happy Island Hunting.
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All is possible in a Banana Republic with people hungry of easy money and libertarian government!

Pedro Miguel Gonzales is a nationalist deputy, the current president of the Assembly. He claims to be nationalist, but he was the person who negotiated an act of islands for sale to the highest bidder. Which man more patriotic not!

Civilized nations never sell its islands. At most of the lease, since the sale is lost once the collective use and ancestral many islands had in the history homeland.

Buy an island for private use, in the full sense of the word, denied the right to the rest of Panamanians access to them, unless they pay a lot of money for their use.

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